James A. Vickman, Esq.

photo © James A. Vickman, all rights reserved.
photo © James A. Vickman, all rights reserved.
James has a wealth of experience in both litigation and trials, in addition to providing counsel in transactional matters and to his business clients.
A sampling of claims that James has litigated include: 1) Fraud, 2) Negligence, 3) Interference with Contract, 4) Theft of Trade Secrets, 5) Catastrophic Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, 6) Trust Disputes, 7) Breach of Contract, 8) Specific Performance/Partition of Real Estate, 9) Insurance Bad Faith, 10) Partnership Disputes, including Breach of Fiduciary Duty, 11) Attorney Malpractice, and12) Easement Violation and Encroachment.  James also represents parties in Conservatorship and Probate proceedings.
James has participated in approximately 60 trials, including a number of jury trials.  Unlike many attorneys, James handles each of his cases to its natural conclusion, whether that be resolution before trial, or resolution at trial via jury verdict or court decision.  When James files a case in court, he is committed to taking the case all the way to trial, unless the case can resolve favorably for the client before that.

James has been described as smart, hands-on and effective. He interacts with each of his clients according to their individual or company needs. James carefully listens, draws on his vast experience, and does everything within his power to bring each client a successful result.

James was born and raised in Los Angeles. He attended UCLA and graduated in 1982, cum laude, with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He attended USC Law School and graduated in December, 1986, being one of two students in his class to graduate early. He was admitted to the California bar in June 1987--passing the bar the first time--and has practiced law ever since.

James enjoys being a lawyer both from a social standpoint and as an advocate. He uses his more than 30 years of experience, and other life experiences and achievements, to explain and often persuade others that his client’s position is the most meritorious.

James is married to Tzafi, and they have raised their children with dedication and attention. They are all Sabbath observers and James takes seriously his Torah and Talmudic studies. James loves the outdoors, and on a daily basis--except during trials and other matters outside the office--rain or shine, day or night, cycles to and from his office, happily bucking the trend of the automobile. James rides about 50 miles a week.